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Made with natural ingredients, this everyday body oil is safe and effective formulated without phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or SLS so you can use this body oil with peace of mind knowing that your body is safe.

Directions for use:

Apply directly after shower or tub for a deep hydrating treatment that lasts to lock in moisture and help smooth skin

Gently massage into skin, can be used as a massage oil, bath oil, general body and face moisturizer.

Scent Descriptions:

Rugged Man- The essence of wood, musk, and leather...a great masculine scent.

Angel Wings- Sweet musk notes embrace light floral nuances of jasmine, white flowers and lilacs.

Pumpkin Sugar Cookie- The perfect blend of spiced pumpkin and buttery sugar cookie.

Caribbean Day Spa- Notes of sparkling sea air and ozone fused with nuances of muguet, lilac, spicy saffron, fennel, moss, and sandalwood. 

Patchouli Raspberry- The deep, musky resins of exotic Asian Indian Patchouli are blended with sweet raspberries in this complex earthy concoction. Soft bottom notes of strawberry, plum, bergamot, and Vanilla round out this intoxicating scent.

Pomelo Sage- Herbal and citrusy with a base of woody twigs followed by middle notes of earthy sage and intoxicating jasmine, and topped with cassis, tangerine, and pomelo.

Vanilla Lime- A smooth, creamy blend of sweet vanilla and tart, fresh lime.


Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Oil, Fragrance

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